Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cloud Computing: Benifits and Dangers

Joshua Hagen

Cloud Computing

Case study

Innovations in cloud computing will soon allow us to log into our online desktop from anywhere we can get a solid connection.

Tammi Lampe's Final Project Handout

Tammi Lampe
Social Media (Social Networks)

CASE STUDY: (video, not link)

The lowest average age for any social networking site is 28 on Bebo, closely followed by 31 from MySpace. If you thought social networks were just for the youngins, you’re sadly mistaken! The fastest growing demographic for facebook users is women over 55. You can verify these factoids at the following websites:

Royal Pingdom Study: Ages of Social Network Users

Inside Facebook: The fastest growing Demographic on Facebook

Chris Wagner-Google Earth uses and privacy

Chris Wagner
Google Earth uses and privacy

My project site

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Fun fact there are a lot of strange and interesting things that can be found on Google Earth.

A building on a U.S Navy base Coronado, CA 92118


Giant Cat in Chile



Greg Peiffer

The Future of Digital Art

A link tomy project blog.

My case study can be found here. under The Future of Digital Art. pdf

The variety of digital arts is wide. I found it interesting how the main predictions/projections about where digital art is going toward mixed/transmedia and more interaction/collaboration/performance between artists and viewers. Certain barriers about the concepts of digital art and media and being dismantled while this it is asserting and assimilating itself. I haven't finished up it will look different by Friday.

eWaste: Where does all our elcetronic stuff go?

Final Project
Topic: eWaste
Case study: Free Geek Wiki

Food for thought: We produce more toxic waste responsible recycling our electronics than is produced by just dumping them.

Final Project

David Dempsey

Rise of Independent Games

link to final project

case study link: Kongregate

Cave Story

Food for thought or fun fact: I learned that out of all the people that make Flash games online only 25% of the makers of the games don't make some money. Though a little over 50% of the people that make money from the flash games make between $1 and $500 a month of them. Around 75% of people that make games have under 2 years of experience.(this wasn't actually in my project it was one of the many facts I didn't fit into the project easily. The slide show for this information was really repetitive and kind of boring)

Final Project Hand out -Travis Buck

Travis Buck
Can we trust our work to Cloud Computing?
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Starting this I really wanted to find out what was out there right now in terms of Cloud Computing Services. Not just what Google was offering to the world. Originally, I have been very skeptical on trusting anything cloud computing right now. I have used free online storage accounts, online email accounts, and Google docs. Like most people, I didn't feel Cloud Computing was to a point yet where it could be relied upon. What I found changed my mind. This eyeOS Cloud Computing really surprised me. I now think, installed on the right server that this system could help out most small business. After doing this project, I really feel that we are only about a year from having these "web-top" computers being comparable to most desktops we can buy.